"Lady Be Good"   B-24  #4124301  Wreckage


For years I have read many stories about the Lady Be Good B-24. There have been so many different versions of the story that I never really put much faith in any of them. One of the most authoritative is "Ladies Men" by Mario Martinez. I never put the story on my website due to the inconsistencies and speculations. The disappearance of the Lady Be Good prompted articles like "Ghost Plane of the Desert", and "The Curse of the Lady Be Good". The "curse" began when many aircraft parts still in working condition were removed from the LBG and installed on other aircraft. Some of these planes crashed killing all on board, so the LBG was considered to have a "curse" on it. Most of the stories speculated as to actually what happened to the LBG on it's return flight. I will admit that this story may not be different since no proof exist as to the cause of the tragedy, however many things seem logical to me and I will attempt to analyze what we do know. There is no mystery. There is no Ghost Plane. There is no Curse. Lets start with the facts and arrive at a logical conclusion as to the cause of the LBG miscalculations.

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